About Me
Niko Wiradinata
CEO & Founder Dunplex Group

Niko Wiradinata runs his own several companies (Dunplex Group) with passion and also a firm believer that Strong Imagination & Creativities are the Keys for a Fast Breakthrough.
Niko Wiradinata is often invited as Keynote Speaker at National Televisions, Radios, Seminars, Conferences and Universities about Business & Entrepreneurship.
Known as “Business Innovator”, Niko Wiradinata has developed a set of Tools & Framework with Creativity Techniques, Inspirational & Business Models Brainstorm Kits.
If you are looking for Inspiration on New Business Models and How Corporates can Innovate like Agile Startups, just get in touch with Niko Wiradinata and challenge your market!